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Zaragoza and Lleida
Hotel Can Fisa

From Zaragoza to Can Fisa are 300 km and takes about 3h 15 min, mostly by motorway (freeway and toll).

GPS Coordinates: 41 º 24 '59 "N - 1 ° 55' 07" E
Address: Bellavista 1, 08757 Corbera de Llobregat

Download this printable PDF file with detailed instructions of the journey.

Before arriving at Lleida, near to Fraga, the national motorway NII becomes A2 freeway. If driving on the motorway AP2, up to Fraga can go out and take the A2 freeway. The ride is a little shorter and save tolls.

Do not leave the A2 until exit 599 (B24 Tarragona).

Continue 3 km on B24 to Exit 7 "Corbera de Llobregat".

Get down to the roundabout and turn right. This road leads to Corbera de Llobregat, across the small town of La Palma de Cervello.

Can Fisa Hotel is at the end of the village of Corbera de Llobregat (Corbera alta).

How to get Can Fisa by car from Zaragoza and Lleida